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You’ve Been Eating Sushi The Wrong Way This Entire Time, Find Out The Right Way Here!

Sa'idah Jaffar | March 28, 2017

Have you been eating sushi by dipping the rice in soy sauce? Or perhaps you love mixing wasabi into the soy sauce to form a spicy, salty paste to dip your sushi with?

Some of us are even guilty of biting the sushi into half (we plead guilty!) because we enjoy savouring the tenderness of the fish and the perfectly vinegared rice.

You’ll be surprised to know that there is in fact, the “right” way to eat sushi.

1. Hands or chopsticks?

You can eat sushi with either hands or chopsticks depending on what you feel most comfortable with. Nigiri-style sushi (an oblong-shaped rice with a slice of fish draped over), is best eaten with hands according to Tokyo sushi master, Koji Sawada. The reason behind this is so you don’t ruin the shape of the sushi.

2. Dipping sushi in soy sauce

The right way of dipping sushi is by tilting the sushi fish-side down, making sure only the fish hits the soy instead of the rice. If you dip the rice into the soy, it will absorb too much sauce, potentially ruining the flavour of the sushi or causing the rice to disintegrate. All it needs is a little dab of sauce.

3. Just a dab of wasabi

Most people love mixing wasabi and soy sauce together.  Most sushi already comes with the perfect amount of wasabi between the rice and the fish as prepared by the chefs, but if you love yours with more, just apply a small dab of it onto the fish.

4. One bite

Contrary to how most of us usually eat it (rice-side down), the fish should touch the tongue first instead of the rice to allow the eater to experience the full flavour and freshness of the fish. Lastly, enjoy it in one bite!

5. Slices of ginger

The slices of ginger acts as a palate cleanser and is meant to be eaten between sushi pieces, and not with the sushi itself.


Learn more about sushi with Chef Hirotoshi Ogawa in the video below!

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