Want A Romantic Dinner For Two? Make These Recipes Easily At Home!

The Weekly | January 20, 2018

Pull out all the stops for a meal with your Valentine.


Angel Hair Pasta With Prawns

Pasta lovers will rejoice after tasting just one bite of this simple dish.

Get the recipe here.


Beef Shiraz Pie

Balance tender beef with soft and flaky pie.

Get the recipe here.


Salmon Seaweed Rice

If you and your Valentine love seafood, this will be your new go-to dish.

Get the recipe here.

Cook up a Casserole - Mexican Chicken & Quinoa

Mexican Chicken & Quinoa

For those who love cheese, you and your date will love this filling dish.

Get the recipe here.


Braised Beef Ribs With Authentic Malay Spices

This beef ribs recipe is a perfect choice for a decadent night in.

Get the recipe here.

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