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Follow Your Passion And Make It A Career

They don’t have regular 9-to-5 jobs, so we discover how these women stay inspired – and pour creativity and passion into their pursuits

By The Weekly | November 1, 2016

We met three women from different creative lines who share how being creative has allowed them to earn a living.

1. Basira Yeusuff, 28, Executive Chef at the Fancy Breakfast Club

Trained at the Die Quadriga, a Scandinavian restaurant in Berlin – a Michelin star restaurant, this bubbly lass knew that she was going to be a chef even from a young age. While her classmates were saying they’re going to grow up to be astronauts, firefighters or doctors, Basira always stuck to chef – so much so that it compelled her teacher to have a word with her parents. Luckily, Basira’s parents were nothing but supportive.

“I’ve actually had my brownie recipe since I was 13-years-old and I got it from a really cheap cookbook. Now all I do is change it up by adding salted caramel or peppermint!”


2. Jennifer Tan, 49, Artiste & Owner of The Studio at KL


Jennifer Tan. (Photo: Blu Inc Media)

“I can’t paint as and when I like. I need to be moved by something and once I get that feeling, I’ll keep going until the piece is done. This is why I’m always out of breath once I’ve completed a piece – I invest so much emotion in my paintings”

What started off as a short, 6-months plan to work with Cathay Pacific Airways while travelling around the world turned into 24 long years! Four years ago, the Terengganu-born artiste decided to come back to Malaysia for a slower-paced life and started The Studio at KL in Publika which introduced the art-jamming culture to Malaysians.

3. Rachel Khoo, 34, Celebrity Chef


“It’s great to have situations where there are different rules and guidelines to work within because it challenges you to think more. That’s why sometimes I may start a recipe a certain way but as I’m doing it – especially because I’m always cooking in different places, some ingredients may not be available, so it would end up being a whole new thing”

Born to a Malaysian father and an Austrian mother, Rachel Khoo already has five cookbooks under her belt and has cooking shows with BBC Lifestyle, Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: Cosmopolitan Cook where in each episode she discovers recipes from places like Stockholm, Naples and Barcelona and then brings it back to London where she tests it out on her friends.

This interview first appeared in The Malaysian Women’s Weekly May 2014 issue.

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