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10 Celebrity Mums Get Real About What Parenthood Means To Them

Believe or not, they're just like you!

By The Weekly | November 9, 2017

Sure, they might have the glitz, the glamour and the bulging bank balances to boot, but these celebrity mums prove they’re completely relatable when it comes to their bubs. From Pink to Reese Witherspoon to Tina Fey, these celeb mums tell it like it is:


1.Blake Lively
“Having a baby is just living in the constant unexpected,” said Blake Lively. “You never know when you’re gonna get crapped on or when you’re gonna get a big smile or when that smile immediately turns into hysterics. It might be like living with a drug addict.”

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Busy-Phillips (518 x 528)

2. Busy Phillips
Hands up who’s guilty of this mummy-misdeed via Busy Phillips?! “You know that thing where your 3-year-old is dropping her nap but then passes out on the way to dinner so you have to hold her for 45 minutes and try not to drop chips and salsa on her head?? That happened to me last night. And aside from a few crumbs, her head stayed clean!”

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3. Chrissy Teigen
Then, of course, there’s Chrissy Teigen… who always tells it like it is: “Her eyes have uncrossed a little bit, and now, rather than looking right through you, she looks at you, which is really nice.”

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4. Jessica Alba
Then there are the celebs who need a little “mom juice” at the end of a busy day. Jessica Alba is one of those and isn’t afraid to take the edge off a busy day caring for the precious kids with a wine glass or two.

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Kristen-Bell (560 x 599)

5. Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell’s truth bomb: “In the age of social media, when you can edit your life in beautiful pictures. It’s important to remind mums that all of us are wearing yoghurt and all of our hands smell like urine.”

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Olivia-Wilde (590 x 592)

6. Olivia Wilde
“I call this hairstyle “keep the kid alive”. Products you’ll need: sweat, string cheese, diaper rash cream, chewed up crayon, snot, and an enthusiastic spritz of panic,” Olivia Wilde wrote on Instagram.

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7. Pink
“My life was once whiskey, tears, and cigarettes… now it’s snot, tears, and the colour of poop,” Pink reveals of the big changes in her life after baby.

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8. Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon’s confession: “How do I do it all – with 3 kids & a full-time job? This is how. Me & every other mom. #Naptime”

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Tina-Fey (551 x 593)

9. Tina Fey
“You’re just like a human napkin for kids, like, they just wipe their face on you and your stuff.”  – Tina Fey on motherhood.

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10. Kate Winslet
Meanwhile, kudos to Kate Winslet for staying positive through the ups and downs of motherhood: “There’s something really empowering about going, ‘Hell, I can do this! I can do this all!’ That’s the wonderful thing about mothers, you can because you must, and you just DO.”

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