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Celebrities Who Almost Ruined Their Careers Thanks To Social Media

Think twice, maybe even three or four times before posting your next photo or video on social media!

By The Weekly | January 18, 2018

Social media has been buzzing about Logan Paul, the YouTuber who posted a controversial viral video of an apparent suicide victim. His actions sparked international backlash, prompting him to take down the video and issue and apology. But he wasn’t the only celebrity who has gotten into trouble because of a video or social media post.

Here are other celebrities whose social media post has damaged their careers or in one case, unwittingly revealed her to be in a relationship with an idol.


Logan Paul
The YouTuber has landed himself in hot soup after posting a video of himself visiting the Aokigahara forest, a famed suicide spot in Japan. The forest, located just at the base of Mount Fuji, is believed to be haunted.

Logan mentioned that he had initially wanted to his video to focus on the supernatural aspects of the forest. However, upon entering the forest, Logan and his friends found the body of an apparent suicide victim.

Despite stumbling upon the body, Logan proceeded to film his reaction and even went as far as to include close-ups of the body’s hands and blurred-out face.

After posting the video, Logan received a huge amount of backlash from netizens from everywhere.

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Jay Park
Before becoming a judge on Asia’s Got Talent and the co-CEO of the leading independent South Korean hip-hop label AOMG, American-born Jay was a member of the popular K-pop boy group, 2PM.

He gained popularity steadily for his humour on variety shows but all this came crashing down when a netizen found a racist rant that Jay posted on MySpace in 2005.

In the post, Jay wrote, “…Korea is gay… I hate Koreans.” This caused Korean fans to question why he was working in Korea and in the Korean entertainment industry if he hated the country so much.

Jay later apologized for his immaturity and stated that he wrote the post when he first came to Korea (from Seattle) and was having trouble adjusting to life there.


Back in September 2017, Yulhee (of South Korean girl group LABOUM) had unwittingly revealed that she was dating boy group FT Island’s Minhwan through a Facebook post.

She had uploaded a photo of the two of them with the caption, “10 minutes before separation. We’re cuddling because we don’t want to part.”

She quickly took down the post when she realised that she had made it accessible to her friends, but by the time she took her post down, fans had already taken photos of the post and circulated it online.

The couple later confirmed that they were dating. Yulhee then left LABOUM. On January 4, 2018, Minhwan announced that he and Yulhee are engaged.


Victoria of f(x)
While the social media posts of this Seoul-based Chinese singer technically did not get her into trouble, it did fuel rumours of her dating fellow Chinese singer, Changmin of TVXQ.

Victoria has posted a photo of her meal at a restaurant and eagle-eyed fans saw from a reflection on her spoon that she was dining with Changmin.


California-born and raised Tiffany has been known to be active on social media platforms, but her social media posts on Japan got her into major trouble, with some netizens demanding that she leave the Korean entertainment industry.

On Korea’s Independence Day two years ago, the singer posted a photo of herself and her Girls’ Generation bandmates after a concert in Japan with a Japanese flag and a heart emoji.

Some Koreans thought it was inappropriate of her to do so, especially on Korea’s Independence Day. However, a bigger issue later surfaced when she posted a photo on Snapchat with Japan’s Confederate flag.


Rob Kardashian
Oh, who could forget the Rob and Black Chyna drama that went on for months?

Angered by his fights with Chyna, Rob posted nude photos of her on his Instagram account and accused her of cheating on him with eight men in a month.

Instagram promptly took the photos down. Thankfully, Rob does not live in Malaysia as he could have been charged under several laws, namely, penalty for electronically transmitting obscene objects, insulting a woman’s modesty and/or criminal intimidation.


Justin Bieber
When in Japan, Justin posted a photo of himself praying at a shrine. Only, it wasn’t just a regular shrine, it was the Yasukuni Shrine, which honours Japanese soldiers who died at war.

After receiving backlash, Justin deleted the photo and apologised. He also clarified that he was not aware of the significance of the shrine he was visiting.

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