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Fun In The Sun With Columbia Kids Club

Pause your children's digital life just as these families did with Columbia Asia

By Stephanie | March 28, 2018

Columbia Asia’s children’s club – Columbia Kids Club – had a fun adventure day outdoors. Created for kids aged between 4 and 12, the Columbia Kids Club aims to bring children and parents together, pausing the digital life and enjoying family time together.

The day was filled with had many exciting games where the children could take part in together with their parents. Some of which were Giant’s Pill where children had to sit on a bed sheet while their parents dragged the sheets to the finish line and Bucket Head Race, where the first team member poured water into cups on their heads then raced to their team member with another cup placed on them who is lying on the ground.

To get the kids going, Kids Club had the children to collect a stamp at every game station to receive an exciting goody bag. Not only did the kids and their family have oodles of fun in the outdoor games and activities, funds raised by Columbia Kids Club will be channeled towards helping diabetic children registered with Diabetes Malaysia.

To have this lovely event even more exciting, Kids Club had Zumba session with the children that was led by Kids Club’s mascot, Zoey the Parrot which the children adored. On top of that, the adventure day included bouncy castles, clowns, giant bubbles and even so much more! So be sure to look out for the next adventure day with Columbia Kids Club and bring along your kids for some fun in the sun!



Aim, shoot and watch that boat go! (Web)

Steady, shoot and watch your boat sail!


A father and son telematch team. (Web)

Don’t let that balloon pop!

This fun balloon race is great for families to build

Needless to say, parents got drenched in this game.WEB

Save every drop!


Columbia Kids Clubs mascot can dance! WEB

Zumba with Zoey the Parrot

This used to be a 'kampung' game! (Web)

It’s a Giant’s Pill!


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