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Hot Mamas You Need To Follow On Instagram

If you're not already following these sizzling mamas on IG, with following that range from hundreds of thousands to millions, you will want to after reading this!

By The Weekly | December 11, 2017

If you’re a mum looking for some inspiration to look your best even with babies in your hands, here are some hot mamas to follow on IG stat!


Vivy Yusof

1. Vivy Yusof

Founder of the popular Fashion Valet and hot-selling dUCk Scarves, Vivy Yusof is one hot (and cute) mummy that everyone likes to follow. Her witty, quirky and humorous videos, hashtags and captions always leave her fans wanting for more. Blessed with two fun-spirited kids Daniel and Mariam, she always somehow manages to capture funny moments with her bunch.

Instagram: @vivyyusof


Marion Counter

  1. Marion Caunter

This model and host turned stylish mama is every girl’s “mum goals” as Marion Caunter seems to look even hotter now with three kids! Her fabulous adventures to fashion shows like Chanel and Louis Vuitton in Europe have us all green with envy. She remains stylish with bold choices of outfits and luminous hair, and has us wondering… how does she stay flawless all the time?

Instagram: @marioncaunter

Sonya Davidson

  1. Sonya Davison

Imagine having twin boys but still owning a bikini bod. Well you don’t need to imagine that far ’cause Singapore-based Thai actress and TV host Sonya Davison did exactly that! Having over 200K followers on her Instagram, her feed is filled with stunning photos of her gorgeous figure and she even shares secrets on how she lost all of that baby weight.

Instagram: @sonyadsanchez

Emma Shazleen

  1. Emma Shazleen

There’s no better word to describe this fierce hot mama but “SLAYYY” as 23-year-old blogger and entrepreneur Emma Shazleen proves that you can be a young and still rocking killer looks with three children. She just gave birth to her youngest, Ayden barely a week ago. Emma’s looks range from stylish preggers mummy-on-the-go to full-on baddie and followers just can’t get enough. Her make-up and hair is constantly on fleek and we could all maybe learn some of her styling tips!

Instagram: @emmashazleen

Nadia Nasimuddin 2

  1. Nadia Nasimuddin

Her love for food clearly shows on her feed and restaurant business ventures like Dotty and BLVD House, but mama Nadia Nasimuddin still looks fashion forward every single day. Even with the recent birth of her baby girl, it didn’t stop this mummy figure from heading out and serving casual stylish looks!

Instagram: @nadianasimuddin

Hanis Zalikha

  1. Hanis Zalikha

With the overwhelming craze over her adorable baby boy, Yusuf Iskandar, demurely beautiful actress and mum Hanis Zalikha is one of the most followed and talked-about local Insta-celebs. She looks effortlessly gorgeous in her hijab looks and is also well-known for giving out tips to other mummies out there on  Facebook and Insta Live.

Instagram: @haniszalikha

Scha Alyahya

  1. Scha Alyahya

Staying slim after having children is a tough struggle for all mothers out there, but actress, model and TV host Scha Alyahya managed to pull that off since giving birth to her princess, Lara Alana, in 2014. Always keeping it simple and casual, Scha is definitely in the list of hot mums to follow.

Instagram: @schaalyahya

Lisa Surihani

  1. Lisa Surihani

Malaysia’s favourite sweetheart and girl-next-door actress Lisa Surihani has been gracing us with chic-mummy looks since the birth of her first daughter. She stays true to her humble persona with her fans while sharing tips on how we can take better care of ourselves because she believes that one should always feel good on the inside.

Instagram: @lisasurihani


Diana Danielle

  1. Diana Danielle

Girls would kill to have actress Diana Danielle’s looks and fiure after seeing her still actively acting in films and television dramas. With her two children being the sunshine of her life, you’ll definitely see more of this hot mama in the near future!

Instagram: @dianadanielleb

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