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Malaysia’s First Female Michelin Star Chef

Make way for this female Michelin-starred chef!

By Sa'idah Jaffar | March 14, 2018

If you’re into the culinary scene, you would know that getting a Michelin star for a restaurant is a huge deal in its own, but getting a Michelin star awarded to your own name is just beyond phenomenal. It’s almost like you are a walking trophy.

This is exactly what happened to our very own Ipoh-born chef,  Kwen Liew.

The co-owner of the Pertinence restaurant in Paris is one of the 57 restaurants that were awarded with the coveted star. Although the restaurant opened just recently in 2017, they managed to bagged a star for themselves which is truly something phenomenal seeing as how they have been in operations for less than a year.


Pertinence is an Asian European restaurant that serves classical French cuisine using Japanese methods of cooking. The restaurant is run by Kwen Liew and her husband, Ryunosuke Naito.


Kwen Liew did add that it wasn’t an easy feat getting to where she is now but with a lot of hard work and persistence, any dream of could become a reality.


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