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Have You Tried These Safety Features On Your Instagram Accounts?

Instagram's new features can help make you feel safe to self-express

By Stephanie | January 20, 2018

Almost everyone (even our mom and dads have one!) has an account on Instagram. Often we post things that we love in our lives like our favourite food, best travel destination or even about how we’re feeling on a daily basis. So as we share our lives to hundreds of our followers,  it is important to know how to safely navigate the platform.

Recently, Instagram has added new features that we found made the online experience more wholesome:


You can now choose who is allowed to comment on your posts via these – ‘everyone, people you follow and your followers, people you follow, or your followers’. These options can be used whether your account is private or public. Adding to that, you will able to block other accounts from commenting on your posts. Instagram previously launched a filter where you can block offensive comments in English and has now expanded that filter to include Arabic, French, German and Portuguese.



See someone in need of support during a live broadcast? You can report it anonymously. The person will then see a message of options offering help such as to talk to a helpline, reach out to a friend or get other tips and support. Instagram has teams working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, around the world to respond and help.


Share your love and kindness together with Instagram on your account by sharing a photo or video with a #KindComments. Add a fun twist to it  with kindness-themed heart-shaped stickers created by artists from the global community. So snap a picture, share and spread your love/kindness with Instagram’s kindness walls and stickers!

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