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4 Tips To Overcome Stage Fright

Have a big presentation to do? A speech to make? A live interview? Media Prima's Executive Producer, Praevitriana Yuliawiratman shares tips to being confident in the spotlight

By The Weekly | April 2, 2015

Praevitriana Yuliawiratman of ntv7. (Photo: Song/Picture This)

Mastering the art of “performing” in public or in front of the camera is not just beneficial for actors and singers. Many jobs require – at some point in your career – the ability to make a presentation, or to speak in front of a crowd of people. So, how do you overcome this fear?

Praevitriana Yuliawiratman, Executive Producer at Media Prima, shares a few handy rules to overcome stage fright.

Rule 1: Always be prepared.

“When I started out as a broadcast journalist, I had to do a live crossover about the situation on the ground before the elections. Unfortunately, I had just arrived in the state the night before and didn’t have time to do any ground work. The presenters in the studio were unaware of that, and asked me to comment on the situation, so I had to babble through, and not very well! But that experience was an eye-opener for me. From then on I ensured I was always ready to deliver reports and that I knew my subject matter inside out!”

Rule 2: Avoid tell-tale signs of nervousness.

“When presenting news on camera and someone has stage fright, they may nervously fiddle with their hair or tap their feet. Some inexperienced presenters would also be too focused on trying to ‘appear’ at ease, so they end up fumbling their words.”

Rule 3: Don’t aim for a “perfect” delivery.

“I would advise against over-thinking presenting a ‘perfect delivery’, as this can distract you. When you are so focused on making sure you deliver a ‘perfect’ presentation, even the slightest mistake will throw you off completely.”

Rule 4: Be focused and concentrate.

“Ensure your mind is 100 percent focused during delivery, and don’t get distracted. Also, it is important to be well-prepared on the subject matter, and always have notes that you can refer to, should you freeze or lose your train of thought.”

This interview first appeared in The Malaysian Women’s Weekly’s May 2013 issue.

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