15 Fun And Great Date Ideas To Try (And They Are Free!)

Running out of ideas on what to do with your partner? Don't worry and have a look at our list and try them!

By Stephanie | August 22, 2017

When you’ve been in a long term relationship for a while, things can get a little stale. But if you’re looking to spice things up and have some fun with your partner, here are some things you can do for free!

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Note: This story was first published in The Singapore Women’s Weekly 


1. Have A Cook Off

This one’s pretty fun! The next time you want to have a night in, do a cook off with your partner. Either set a theme for the night or pick a course and cook it.

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2. Visit Art Galleries In Malaysia

Visit beautiful and unique art galleries right here in Malaysia like the Petronas Gallery or Ilham Gallery at Jalan Binjai, Kuala Lumpur.


3. Go On A Photography Excursion

Even if you don’t own a DSLR, you can still go around with your other half on a photo excursion around Malaysia.


4. Try Out One Of Those YouTube Challenges

Get your partner to have a fun round of challenges like the makeup challenge or even the cinnamon challenge. You may not be YouTube stars, but we bet you it’s going to be fun!

You can always post your video up on Instagram or Facebook for your family and friends to see.


5. Get Tinder Or Bumble To See Who’ll Get The Most Likes In An Hour

Okay, this one only works if you and your partner are:

Completely comfortable with it, agree to see who will get the most likes and not talk to any matches. Also to agree to have heaps of fun with it.

No matter who wins, remind your partner just how much you love them!


6. Make Each Other Playlists On Spotify or YouTube

Make your sweetheart a places filled with songs that remind you of them and write a note to explain it all. They’ll absolutely love it and enjoy listening to it too.


7. Make A List Of Horror Movies You Want To Watch And Watch Them

It’s a great excuse to cuddle up next to each other!


8. Visit Animal Shelters Around Malaysia

Share your love for animals with your partner, go on a day trip and visit animal shelters like PAWS Animal Welfare Society or SPCA shelters.



9. Babysit A Friend’s Pet

Offer to petsit a friend’s dog or cat and have fun bringing it out on walks and bond with it.


10. Challenge Your Partner To Cook Something Delicious For You

Get your partner to cook you something delicious with whatever’s left in the fridge.


11. Go On A Nature Walk At KL Forest Eco Park

Take a breather and go on a walk or trail at the beautiful KL Forest Eco Park. Capture or snap a picture together with your partner of the fantastic view of the city and nature.


12. Give Great Massages

Seriously, it’ll be so useful when you’re having a bad day and need a great back rub.


13. Bring Out The Board Games

If you don’t have certain board games, borrow them from friends!


14. Do Some Karaoke At Home

Put on a song that’s really difficult to sing and try doing it with your partner.


15. Visit National Textile Museum Kuala Lumpur

Bring your partner to National Textile Museum in town and discover the heritage of Malaysia, find out and discover little things you didn’t know about Malaysia with your loved one.

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