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4 Simple Steps To Be Empowered At Work

Want to call the shots? Ellen Whyte shares easy ways you can take control of your career

By The Weekly | March 14, 2016

Losing and rehiring staff costs a bomb so if you’re worth your salary, your boss will be keen to keep you. Here’s how to become the indispensable employee who has to be kept happy.

Step 1 Stop socialising at work. If you’ve time to go on Facebook, WhatsApp your friend and check your Instagram account, then you’re wasting company time.

Step 2 Know what you’re supposed to contribute.  Is there a Ringgit value on your KPI or a number of sales you have to make?  If you know exactly what you’re supposed to do each month or year, you can make a list and know where you stand.

Step 3 Be the person everyone thinks of first when they need something. Upgrade your skills and experience and networking so you have friends everywhere.

Step 4 Ask the boss why she wants you to be happy. Being humble is great but being valued means you can negotiate a better deal, like flexi-time! So make sure you and your boss know how you contribute the company bottom line.

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