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5 Steps To Get The Job You REALLY Want

Skip your way to your dream job

By The Weekly | January 23, 2017

It’s totally fine if you don’t get your dream job at the first try because the competition is very fierce these days.  But, remember that if there’s a will, there’s always going to be a way! We’re helping you out by listing these steps for you to grab and snatch the job that you really want.

1. Build Your Experience
Before anything else, you need to build your experience first but if you’re lucky or willing enough, try to apply for intern position at your dream company. If you can’t get it, it’s totally fine because keep in mind that there are hundreds or thousands of applicants that want to work at your dream company as well! Apply to other companies that are in the similar field and do your best. Your time will come if you’re patient enough!

2. Research
Before applying to anywhere remember it’s important to do research, research and more research! Do a thorough research on when, why, where and how the company is established, their target audiences, their clients, their unlocked potentials and so much more. Employers love to see a very well prepared candidate and convey all this through your cover letter. Condense your findings in an attractive way since hiring managers would only skim through it.

3. Cater Your Resume
Have you heard the success story of Nina4Airbnb ? Nina had a dream of working at Airbnb but she also realised that many others had the same dream and thousands of applicants were competing for a spot in the company. So what Nina did was she took it to the next level by creating a website that highlights what Airbnb can improve to and why they should hire her. Nina catered her resume to fit Airbnb and you should do the same to any company that you are applying too, perhaps not as extravagant as Nina is but you get the idea!

4. Build Connections
A strong network of connections can bring you anywhere. Since you’re going to be working in the same field as your dream company, attend networking or dinner events whenever you can because high chance is there will be someone from the company attending! Building connection is a good way to get leverage especially when there’s a vacancy. It would be even better if you can find out the email or the direct contact number of the hiring manager of the company.

5. Dress for Success
Once you finally get a chance to do the interview with your dream company for your dream job; don’t forget to dress for success! You can read a more comprehensive article about dressing for success here.

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