5 Types Of Snacks Kids Can Make Themselves

Who knows, your kids could be Junior Master Chefs in the making!

By Stephanie | June 9, 2017

The thought of being allowed to play “masak-masak” with real ingredients will get any child excited! While some amount of mess is to be expected, teaching and assisting your kids while they cook or bake will enable them to develop new competencies – and in a highly enjoyable setting!

  • Instil self-esteem and confidence – The hands-on guidance and encouragement given by a parent is very powerful in building a child’s self-image and their belief in their own abilities. In an environment of trust, the child doesn’t fear making mistakes or failing.
  • Build math and science skills – Learning how to measure ingredients allows your kid to put into application what they’ve learn in books, which then lets them appreciate math lessons from another perspective. Learning about temperature also teaches them basic science principles.
  • Develop better comprehension and reading skills – Cooking requires one to learn how to understand recipes and the steps involved. This allows the child to practise their comprehension as well as develop their ability to process information in a logical manner.
  • Learn patience – Cooking with your children also teaches them to be patient as cooking takes a lot of patience when it comes to preparing the ingredients for the dishes, how the raw ingredients need to be chopped or sliced or even when it comes to boiling the dishes.
  • Gives them knowledge of the different types of food and the different ways to use it – For example, the different types of herbs or the different types of mushrooms, etc.

Let your kids enjoy whilst learning how to cook or bake and try making these 5 recipes at home.


Chewy No Bake Oreo Bars

Chewy No Bake Oreo Bars

Try this simple dessert which is only made with just 3 ingredients. All you need is a packet of Oreos, 5 cups of large marshmallows and 4 tablespoons of butter!

Source: Picky Palate

Watermelon Cupcake - web story new

Watermelon Cupcakes

These watermelon cupcakes are super easy and fun for your kids to do. They can learn how to use different shapes of cutters to cut out the watermelon. To prep for this, all you need is watermelons, different shapes of cutters according to your liking and cupcake cups to place it in.

Source: Super Healthy Kids

banana in chocolate

Frozen Banana Pops

Have your kids try making these frozen banana pops at home. Not only is it healthy but the chocolate and nuts make it even more tasteful. To make these cute fruit pops, you’ll need to have peeled bananas, melted chocolate, ice cream sticks and any nuts to your liking for the toppings.

Source: Highlights

pizza muffin - web story

Mini Muffin Pizzas

All kids love pizzas and what more than making their own mini pizzas! From stretching out the dough and putting in their own toppings in their mini pizzas. For a quicker process, you can get any ready-made pizza dough. Don’t forget you’ll also need tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese and whatever toppings you feel like having on your muffin pizza.

Source: Hip Foodie Mom

3 ingredient mac and cheese - web story new

3 Ingredient Mac & Cheese

Let your kids try to make these super easy Mac and Cheese with just 3 ingredients to work on. No kid will ever fail to cook this yummy and delicious dish. The 3 ingredients that you will need are 4 cups of full cream milk, 2 cups of elbow macaroni and 2 cups of cheddar cheese.

Source: Kidspot
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