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Bring Joy Back To Your Job

Time to get your spirit and energy buzzing at work again!

By The Weekly | February 23, 2016

Recent research shows that few of us consider our jobs interesting. With the current economy, looking for another job may not be as easy as it used to be. So how then can we optimise our work happiness? Here are 5 simple ways to bring back the joy in your job:

1. Create a support system
Build relationships with your colleagues. Brush off on your interpersonal skills and interact with the people you work with. Try talking about their lives. Ask them questions about their families, their hobbies and whatever else gets them talking.

2. A leap for growth
Reach out for more responsibilities. That way, you keep yourself challenged and stimulated at the workplace.

3. Ask more, never assume
Start speaking out more on things that really matters. Don’t assume that your opinion is irrelevant even before voicing them out. Have the courage to speak out!

4. There’s no ‘I’ in a team
Be encouraged to help others to also increase their happiness. As you do that, you’ll increase yours as well. Be helpful at the office. Good chance a colleague may need some assistance. It’s a win-win for everyone.

5. Take a minute to reflect

Many of us don’t take enough time to sit back and reflect at work as we’re too busy trying to get work done. Slow down and spare a minute to breathe and be in the now. This helps you let go of stress and have some balance at work.

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