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10 Easy Ways To Look Immaculate At Work

It's true that at times, your appearance at work can make or break your career progress

By The Weekly | December 15, 2017

Details matter, and it’s these small, subtle details that can make you look unfinished if you’re not careful. In a work setting, where appearance, decorum and impressions matter, it’s even more important that you pay attention to making the details look great.

From polishing your leather shoes to keeping your mien presentable, here are 10 easy tips that you can put into practice for a look that will get you extra plus points from your boss!


1.Make sure your leather shoes are buffed and polished
When you think of shoe polish, it’s common to relate it to men’s leather shows. However, don’t let that stop you from getting your leather pumps polished to shiny perfection. Those visible scruff marks don’t always make a great impression, so make sure that your footwear is buffed and presentable.


2. Keep your shirts pressed
Crease marks can make you look sloppy, as it can appear lazy and unfinished. To avoid this, ensure that you have your shirts pressed, or iron them with starch to get a beautiful finish.

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3. Neaten up your haircut
While we all love fancy hairstyles, some offices may not permit having crazy colours or styles. To play it safe, stick to a neat hairstyle that you can maintain on a daily basis, so that you don’t have to spend too much time doing up your ‘do in the morning. Discuss it with your hairstylist to find a look that strikes the perfect balance between looking professional, what’s trending at the moment, and something easy to upkeep.

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4. Jewellery should be kept simple
Simple jewellery doesn’t necessary mean boring. It just means that instead of eye-popping statement jewellery that belongs in a nightclub, stick to subtle designs that don’t draw too much unnecessary attention.

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5. It’s all about the hemline
A reasonable length would be above the knee or knee-length.

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6. Present a clean mien
Keep your smokey eye make-up for the drinks after work, and stick to a clean and fuss-free make-up look for the office. It keeps your face looking more open and presents you as a more approachable person in the workplace.

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7. Avoid animal prints, and stick to solid colours
Solid colours are a fail-safe method of making sure you don’t look tarty at the workplace. Animal prints and bandage dress, on the other hand, may leave a negative impression.

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8. Avoid wearing sandals
Sandals may be comfortable for our weather and for long periods of wear, but they are not appropriate to wear to the office. Leave them at home and opt for a pair of mules instead. Choose one with a heel height that you are comfortable with and let it do all the magic for you.

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9. Get enough sleep
This may seem like a trivial thing, but enough sleep will ensure you don’t look too worn out at work. Even though your jacket might be pressed and your shoes shined, a frazzled and fatigued face will still look sloppy.


10. Avoid anything that’s too low-cut

Instead of wearing a top that shows too much cleavage, try an off-shoulder cut or portrait neckline. It shows just as much skin without looking unprofessional.

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