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10 Ways To Stop Overthinking And Stressing Out At Work

Take charge and don't let the monster get the best of you

By The Weekly | November 20, 2017

Here’s how you can stop overthinking and stressing out uncontrollably while at work — especially when things are getting difficult.


1. Take On Challenges Head On
Instead of seeing these new tasks as added work and stress out unnecessarily about it, calm down and approach all tasks head on.


2. Remember Your Core Values
Every time you’re feeling stressed and worked up, reconsider your core values and remember what you stand for. It’ll help you realign your vision and remind you of the most important things that you need to consider.


3. Always Ask Questions
Make it a practice to seek clarification whenever you’re stressed out or overthinking; it helps you see things much more clearly.


4. Make Realistic Promises
Not only will you be able to manage expectations better, the workload will seem a little more approachable.


5. Don’t Hold On To Resentment
We all have that one colleague that likes to push our buttons and make things a little harder than they need to be. But, it’s important to let go instead of letting it rule your life.


6. Delegate Work
Let’s be honest. To a certain degree, all of us are perfectionists and we all tend to think that if we want to get something done, we should do it ourselves.

However, whenever you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, make it a point to delegate work so you have more time on your hands.


7. Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Control
We know it’s always easy to overthink and think too much about the consequences of things that happen around you.


8. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others
Growing up means acknowledging that there are always going to be people better than you are but you will always be you and only you will have the strengths you have.


9. Don’t Always Aim For Perfection
Having a list of things to do can help with this. Seeing the things you need to do first on our list can help you focus on things that need to be done first.


10. Always Stay Positive
It’s easy to fall into the trap of negative thinking but doing so will only stress you out further and leave you feeling much more emotionally tired than you need to be.

So, whenever you’re given a difficult task that needs undertaking, make it a point to see things as positively as possible. It’ll help you de-clutter your mind and make life seem less complicated.

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