How To Get Back In Touch With Your Friends

Lost touch with close friends over the years? Here are simple steps you can take to rebuild your bond with your buddy

By The Weekly | August 22, 2016

Send a Facebook Message

Getting in touch electronically is one of the easiest way to catch up. But what do you say in that first note? Start with some information on how busy you’ve been and add in details about what you are doing now. Sharing updates about your life can encourage your friend to reply with the same openness. Once you’ve been reconnected, plan to see each other in person. You can’t substitute Facebook for real relationships.

Reconnect Over a Favourite Pastime

An activity that you both used to do together can rev up a stalled friendship. Since that drew you together in the first place,start by emailing your friend with a list of shared favoured activities and suggest doing one of those. Anything from shopping to visiting that coffee shop that you both love can rebuild your bond.

Do Something Unexpected

Preparing a small surprise can go a long way to rekindling a friendship, be it her favourite cookies or even a handwritten note. Just don’t go overboard with a nice gesture; mailing something affordable rather than showing up on her doorstep unannounced is your best bet.

Invite Her Along For An Event

Have an extra ticket for a show, book reading or party? Bringing your friend to a gathering can be more casual – and less intimidating – than meeting one on one. Rather than jumping into a serious discussion on why you drifted apart, socialising with other people or enjoying some entertainment, can make your reunion less awkward.


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