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How To Beat The Monday Blues?

Get back into the swing of things at work with these easy-to-do steps

By The Weekly | March 15, 2016

The weekend seems to have passed in a blink of an eye (or two!). After two days of recharging and relaxing, it’s understandable that most of us dread the arrival of Monday especially when thinking of the unending pile of work waiting at the office. But here at The Weekly we have our own way to beat the Monday blues!


1. New look for a new week

Save that new dress you have just bought for Monday! It’s a great deal of fun to wear your latest purchase plus it will lift your mood instantly. Try wearing one bright colours like chilli red or buttery yellow.


2. Unplug work on the weekend

Turn off the notifications of your work emails come Friday night so your weekends will be burden free from work stuff. We wouldn’t want you to be bog down with impending tasks even before Monday arrives!


3. Sunday equals to rest day

Have all the fun you want on Friday evening and Saturday night so your Sundays are kept for some me-time. Go to sleep early so you’ll be ready for Monday!


4. Reward yourself

Make Monday a day where you reward yourself so you’d look forward to it every week. Grab your lunch at that high end café instead of your usual warongs. Dig in to that sinful sweet temptation or shop online for a pair of new shoes (everyone needs new shoes!).


5. Start your day right with breakfast

Breakfast helps to fuel you throughout the day so never skip breakfast especially on Mondays! To make things interesting, try out a new recipe if you love to make your own breakfast.


6. Keep Mondays light

Start your week by keeping your tasks light on Mondays. Organise work before the end of the week and try to finish any pending jobs on Friday. Here’s to a light Monday!

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