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How To Trim Your Grocery Bill

By The Weekly | March 25, 2016

With food costs rising, saving on groceries becomes essential. Here are some simple strategies you can take to cut your spending at the grocery store.

Make a list before grocery shopping To keep impulse shopping from taking hold of your budget, make a habit of shopping with a list. So be more organised with your grocery shopping.

Don’t go hungry Going to the grocery store with an empty stomach is never a good idea. You’ll end up buying more than you need with hunger pangs clouding your judgment!

Opt for store brand goods Sometimes, store brand products are often just as good (if not identical) to more well known brands. Make the switch to the bargain labels, and you’ll shave a considerable amount from your weekly grocery bill. With more and more grocery chains launching their own line of organics and other premium products, there’s never been an easier time to switch.

Use it all up Before you run to the store to buy your next “must-have,” look around and see if you can find something at home to fill your need. This simple exercise will help you to spend less and to clear out some of the clutter in your pantry.

Plan your meals Set aside an hour each week to plan what you’ll make for dinner. Then, shop for all of the ingredients, so you’ll be less tempted to eat out.

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