Can You Believe This ABC Is Actually Play-Doh?

No kidding! It just looks too mouth-wateringly good...

By The Weekly | September 20, 2017

Everyone knows that September 16 is Malaysia Day, but did you know that it’s also World Play-Doh Day? To celebrate these two very special occasions, Play-Doh Malaysia went on a search for their first “Doh-Bassador of Creativity”. Throughout the month of August 2017 children between the ages of 4 and 9 were invited to “Open A Can Of Imagination” and submit their creative entries on Instagram.


Nine-year-old Eunice Foong emerged as the winner and here’s her entry that stole the judges’ hearts.


Apart from becoming the first Doh-Bassador of Creativity, Eunice scored herself the awesome opportunity to work with popular Instagram food artist, Michelle Lim (@foodmakesfun), to create a series of sculptures showcasing Malaysians’ favourite foods, using Play-Doh compound.


Brace yourselves, their creations will take your breath away…


Nasi Lemak

Is this nasi lemak for real? We almost want to reach out to eat the ikan bilis and kacang. The hard-boiled egg, too!


Satay and kuah kacang, anyone?


Yum, it’s dim sum time!

Image 6 new new

That dollop of ice-cream looks too tantalising! And we love the attention to detail Michelle and Eunice have put into their masterpiece. Just look at the bits corn, cendol and cincau plus all that syrupy goodness.


Roti canai served with dhal and sambal.

All food

Can you believe that all these are made with Play-Doh compound? All it takes is a little skill and practice and a whole lot of imagination!


Michelle and Eunice are clearly overjoyed to showcase their completed work of art!


Michelle and Eunice, along with Kelly Yip, Brand Manager of Hasbro Toy (Malaysia).

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