Cute Local Celebrity Babies To Make Your Day Brighter

Nothing like pictures of cute babies to put you in a good mood

By Rina Ahmad | September 14, 2017

We’ve got babies on the brain here at The Weekly! If you’re slogging away at the office, counting down the time until you get to clock out, stop! Why not click through our gallery to see the celebrities that are becoming proud parents for the first time, or growing their existing families, and get adorable updates on their babies and children growing up instead? Here’s are the cutest local celebrity babies to put a smile on your face before you start the weekend:

This story first appeared in The Singapore Women’s Weekly



Hanis Zalikha and son, Yusuf

Photo: Instagram



Lisa Surihani and her kids, Yahaira Leanne and Yusof Leonne

Photo: Instagram



Fashion designer Nurul Zulkifli and her twin boys, Noah and Adam

Photo: Instagram



Stylist Kim Raymond and her baby girl, Skylar 

Photo: Instagram




TV Host Patricia Knudsen and her baby girl, Sophia Sue Lin

Photo: Instagram


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