Dream Time

Make your kids smile with these stylish yet functional timepieces

By The Weekly | December 1, 2017

Every kid has imagined what space would be like. Let your little dreamers get a tad closer to outer space and take charge of their time travel with Flik Flak’s Space Dreamers timepiece collection. With glow-in-the-dark astronauts, rockets and stars, these Swiss-made timekeepers ensure your kids’ orbits are on schedule around the clock. These space-age designs are made from quality materials and are both shock- and water-resistant too.

Delight your kids with Flik Flak Space Dreamers watches, which feature fun eclectic designs.

This is an advertising feature in association with Flik Flak.


Wonderful Sky

fa01_ZFCSP064 (475 x 2476)

Ça Tourne

fa01_ZFPNP018 (475 x 2476)


fa01_ZFPNP019 (475 x 2476)

What A Blast

fa01_ZFPNP024 (475 x 2476)

Space Dreamer

fa01_ZFPNP025 (475 x 2476)

Go For Space

fa01_ZFPSP022 (475 x 2476)

Misty Skies



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