3 Advice From This Hunky Relationship Coach You Need To Hear Right Now

You'll want to watch this even if you're not looking for relationship advice!

By The Weekly | April 14, 2017

The internet is filled to the brim with all sorts of relationship advice – everything from, “don’t let past relationships define you” to “let your guards down and be open to new experiences”… but really, how many of these advises actually work? We think..almost none. It’s what we wish we can apply to our lives, but fail horribly trying to do so. 

Then we discovered Matthew Hussey (yes, we’re a little late this this party) and his advice actually IS practical and makes sense – none of that “be in touch with yourself” nonsense. Of course we were distracted by his looks at first, but try paying attention to what he’s saying and you’ll realise this guys makes a lot of sense. 

We did the hard work and scoured through this feed for what we felt were the best ones:

#1 Respond to your reality, not his reasons.

Ever felt like you’re the one putting in all the effort? You might find the mistake you’re making here.

#2 Why men disappear?

The gist of it: playing hard to get, gets you nowhere. There’a right way to play hard to get!

#3 Why do we allow others to treat us poorly?

Catch yourself justifying your partner’s behaviour? Learn how to stop yourself before it’s too late.


For more biceps – we mean advice..check out his Instagram page!

You’re welcome. 

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