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Want More Respect At The Office? Stop Doing These Things!

Avoid these nasty work habits, pronto

By The Weekly | November 20, 2017

Here are things to avoid if you’re looking to get more respect and be well-liked by your colleagues at work. They’re easy to do too!

This article first appeared on The Singapore Women’s Weekly website.

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You Make Personal Calls

Honestly, no one wants to hear about your personal life on the phone


You Show Up Late Often

Consistently late at work? As this reflects poorly on you, its time to make some effort to be at the office on the dot!


You Interrupt Others

Do you have a habit of interrupting others mid-sentence? Stop! Try jotting down what you want to say and say it later when the time is right.


You Call In Sick Often

While its fine if you’re truly sick, but if you’re skipping work playing hooky, it’ll reflect badly on you.



You’ve Got A Messy Table

A messy table indicates that you’re a disorganised person. Clear up your desk regularly to give a good impression to the people around you.


You Make A Lot Of Noise

Whether it’s your loud keyboard typing or the music you’re listening, being loud or making too much noise tend to distract your co-workers.


You Have Poor Email Etiquette

Sending emails at odd hours of the day, not saying ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ before rambling on and typing all in caps or in multi-coloured fonts is poor email etiquette – no matter your designation.

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